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Your commitment to your marriage seems to have lost its rhythm as your partner is hitting their head against a wall as you aren't putting everything into the relationship.

However, not every day is a bad one, so try your best to wake up positive and give the best you can so that they feel loved and appreciated. Talking about your emotions is positive and will help you both.

Remember that there will be days in which you will make them smile just by looking at them, and if you are single, a smirk goes a long way.

Make sure you pray for the love lives of others around you. Be careful and make sure you don't fall for someone who you aren't really fussed about.


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You will benefit from the stars as they are helping you financially, especially those Cancer who are hardworking.

You are awake and aware of everything that is going on around you, quick as a bird and you know exactly when to take advantage of the opportunities set in front of you. You will grow as a professional too.

A little bit of clarity won't do you any harm at all, as it will help your business when necessary and will also help you understand the world around you.

How do you get on with your mobile phone? There will be days in which you would throw it out the window and others in which it won't stop ringing. It is an essential instrument nowadays for work but don't abuse its function.

In terms of bills and housework, you will be fine throughout this week of July as you have paid off your debts and are up to date with everything. Just make sure you buy extra food in case some relatives come over.



You now have the opportunity to improve your health issues and you shouldn't let this slip away through your fingers. Your instincts are telling you to act straight away. 

You may doubt about other people trying to help you out, maybe to overcome an illness or to try new sports. Listen to them and come to your own conclusions. They can't force you to do anything you don't want to.

If you have started a diet, you will resist temptations along the way, as a friend might ask for dessert after a meal, and you will contain yourself. Good job!

Also, you need to know that your sense of humor is amazing. You bring a smile to everyone's faces! Laughter is a positive remedy to cure the soul.