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This November 22nd you've got a good environment in your relationship; there's room for making plans for the weekend, and you'll calmly and neatly draw out other ideas for the foreseeable, nearest future.

To give your relationship an extra boost, the stars will fill you with creativity. You're looking for something new that you'll eventually find, and your significant other will graciously appreciate your efforts.

If you're single, you'll have to stay focused on your goals a little harder. You're chasing after someone, but you can't stay on their same page. Be more patient, whatever obstacles you face today will boost tomorrow's success, Cancer.


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You're extremely convinced of your proper professional practice; you do certain things quite well indeed, but others, not so much. The problem is that today you won't be taking any criticism lightly, and you'll defend your position even though you're aware of where you went wrong. Stating that you've done the best you can just won't cut it.

At least your daily finances won't seem that much of a deal to take. You'll know how to dodge certain expenses, but don't be a vampire that feeds on others' savings to keep yours intact. There's no need to do that.


Your face is feeling very tense, perhaps because of all the stress you've piled on this week, which is fortunately coming to an end. To soothe and relax your face you might want to try some facial yoga, which relaxes and tones up the muscles of this body part.

The stars' advice for you this Friday is to avoid wasting all your energy into sorting other people's issues.

Be a little selfish, focus on your priorities and you'll see there's always something you can do to improve your wellness. And forget about it if people are offended about you not tending to their requests first. It's like riding an airplane, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first and make sure you're safe before helping the person next to you.