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You're always feeling like something or someone is blocking your path, but now you'll be surprised about your attitude: you're opening up your relationships. You're at a not-so-nice stage in love, but you're still hopeful, waiting for the other person to change their ways.

Some of your friends will provide you with very interesting advice, but you won't hear any of it. You prefer to think that both you and your heart deserve better.

Your ambitious family projects start to make sense. You feel like you're at a good stage right now, but don't be too confident. Behind a façade of happiness, there's some secrets that will take a while to come out to the light, and from that moment on, the way you see some of your loved ones will change.


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Cancer, get ready to see some dark clouds shading your finances. You're fully aware of the tension between your workmates, and you feel like you can't trust anyone. Besides, it's getting hard to combine work with social life and your home life.

Self-control will be an essential tool, as well as keeping distance to assess what your situation looks like from the outside. Only then will you be able to make proper choices; if you dive headfirst, you're more than certain to get hurt. Even if you don't feel like it, aim for dialogue and consensus.

Sometimes you feel tempted to give everything up, but being patient and holding on will provide better results. You can do it!


You sit down for a serious assessment of your current health, and understand that you've got habits that aren't good for you. You should start ditching superfluous, unnecessary actions you're doing now. The stars encourage you to stop turning around in place and start moving around to change things.

The Moon will make you feel lighter, even if it is just to carry out certain physical activities you've foreseen for today. Use your energy wisely and don't jump from zero to a hundred in seconds. Speed up the pace slow, but steady.