Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Get ready to experience some bliss, Cancer: under the protective layer of Venus, relationships will become deeper if you're in a couple. Understanding will rule the roost at home, and you'll be gladly surprised about your good attitude.

Some past issues would have made you angry and pushed you into an argument for hours on end. However, now you just don't care as much, you give each and every issue the exact importance it deserves, and you swap resentment for love and displays of affection.

There will also be more love projects for single hearts. Your native crab-born charm will work wonders today, and you'll be so brilliantly successful, some people will even be jealous. If there were chapels for quickfire weddings, you would even consider walking down the aisle to that person you just met.


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Jupiter and Saturn will work together so that you learn to get respect in your profession. Quit hanging around second gear and become the star of the business show, because you're worth that and so much more.

There will be some strange, negative alliances coming to life, but you'll spot them from afar and dodge them to avoid making things too complicated.

Your savings will progress in the right direction, so you'll get some new investment proposals. Make a move only if you're confident enough that you're stepping into safe waters. If there's the slightest trace of doubt, turn whatever it is down. If you hear contradicting rumours, there's something wicked lurking at the back.


Be cautious this Monday, especially if you've gone wild over the weekend. You'll enjoy good wines and spirited drinks, and it'll be hard to decline an invitation. Don't go too far watering the day with the best stews.

Also, you should avoid going too far in sex, especially if you're entering a practice that could be risky for your health if done the wrong way, as could be the case for certain extreme fetish-based activities.