Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


The skies have love among the stars and you choose to do things straight away, without thinking about it twice. You're looking for peace but also fun when it comes to your partner; you're jumping straight into the action and you'll be able to turn your bed into a firework display.

A cozy, welcoming environment will lead into seduction, it will awaken your bliss and you'll turn darkness into good-humoured light. For a friend who's going through a rough patch, you'll be the personification of a lucky charm, the bubble of air that will help them stay afloat when they get that sinking feeling.

If you're single, you know that after every fall comes an uprising. If you've got long romances that just go on forever with no final goals in sight, don't hesitate to end them and go look for someone else who knows exactly what they want from you, Cancer.

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It doesn't matter how tidy or neat your schedule is; this Thursday, the Magic Horoscope will set you on a busy, bustling track where everyone will want or need your help.

You'll be asked for plenty of favours and tasked with duties that will break your whole schedule, whether it means pulling some overtime at work or caring for an elder relative who needs someone to walk them to the doctor's office. You won't have enough hours in the day, so this is a warning to make sure you load up on patience!

You'll miss having a nice routine with no specific issues or brilliant achievements. You'll find a great opportunity to relax and calmly think about the future.


Be very careful if you've got a chronic illness, such as diabetes. You're much better off following your doctor's orders to the T, the ones that you keep skipping any time you feel like it.

An unexpected feeling will bring you a shred of luck this December 26th, so don't hesitate to make some new contacts that could be a beacon of hope for your spiritual growth. You're on the right track to start on a new lifestyle.