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Cancer, your partner will take a big step in their life, and you'll be proud of their progress. You'll completely focus on them, no matter what everyone else says. You'll want everyone and anyone to understand why you're in love.

Today's a great day to introduce your partner to your parents, or your kids, if you have them. Forget about fears, because they'll be accepted and gladly welcome.

The day will be just as perfectly delicious if you're single, but you'll have to avoid trusting your intuition. In fact, you should actually act in complete opposition to what your sixth sense says.


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This Tuesday 26th, your finances won't take center stage as far as your worries go; in fact, you'll be quite relaxed instead.

You'll receive some information about construction investments, and there won't be any lies in what you hear; however, it feels pretty risky to make a high-priced investment.

In other news, the evolution curve you're drawing with your money falls into the side of teaming up with other people; there's projects that you can't carry out alone, but with friends and workmates you could indeed get to the top, so don't hesitate to jump into a team-based project.

When it comes to work, you'll have to balance out your interventions; whatever your proposals are, introduce them smoothly and gently. You shouldn't brag about having more ideas than what you actually do have in mind. And it's important that you don't take credit for other people's ideas either and sell them as your own, especially if you don't have any previous experience.


You're in for a gorgeous day if you balance your schedule, combining some intense activities with a bit of rest in between. Not only your body needs to relax after some intense action; your mind needs a gust of rest as well, especially if you work in areas where you have to spend endless hours in front of a computer.

It might be interesting to check your eyesight every now and then, even more so if you stare at the screen on your phone, tablet, computer or other electronic devices all day long.