Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Saturn's influence will be quite strong this November 28th, and as a consequence, the routine will be harder to deal with than ever before.

You'll start feeling like the house just knocks down on top of you, and what you usually love about your partner won't be a pleasing trait at all. You'll have to make considerable efforts to break the monotony and restore the flow of trust and connection that is so innate on you.

Why don't you give your partner a spicy surprise, and fill your bedroom with fireworks once the Moon is fully up and out?

If you're single, you'll have to jump into going out a little more to meet new people. You could also consider using a phone app to make friends. Forget about shame, Cancer. Perhaps the love of your life is reading just across the screen.

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At first glance, everything will be perfect this Thursday, but behind a surface of calm and affluence, the truth is that your finances are at risk.

The best solution to bring your numbers back up remains within ordered, continuous efforts. That way, you can see where's the hole that could sink your entire fleet.

It's essential to keep a good, steady perspective, to avoid building castles on clouds, and to dodge any risky business, such as speculation.

But it's not all bad news, so don't despair just yet; at work, you'll get plenty of ideas and you'll send them off to whoever should know. Your proposals won't be forgotten, even if they aren't put into practice right away.


A star triad made by Jupiter, Pluto and Mars will influence the mental health area; you'll become very impatient, and at some point, you could even shoot out rude answers at the least appropriate time.

At least you'll feel physically fine, and you'll know how to use whatever time you devote to exercise to the fullest.