Your Cancer Horoscope for October 28

Your Cancer prediction for Monday, 28 October 2019
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

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You behave in a tyrannical way, but you can't find a way to stop yourself from doing it. You're filling up your relationship with toxicity by asking your partner too many questions; who are they going out and coming in with, why they behave a certain way.

You'll even want to make decisions on which friends are good for them and which aren't. You wouldn't like to be them right now, but the stars keep you stuck in a very selfish, chaotic zone. And if you don't control those impulses, you'll create an open, deadly wound.

If you're single, you'll have to break free from some of your fears and prejudices, which stop you from flying out in the open, especially if you've got family duties.

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The Magic Horoscope encourages you to plan the best way to manage or invest your money, especially because that's a way to secure your future as you grow older.

You'll take a closer look at an agreement or a commercial or professional association contract, and you'll see that there's quite a few unclear issues that are better off discussed now before it's too late.

Business expansions will be a piece of cake on your plate. You can easily find partners and workmates, especially if you're looking after hiring someone for your company. You'll be an essential pillar of strength for certain agreements, but don't be too trusting because there's a lot of open-ended issues, Cancer.

This Monday, love and money will go hand in hand, maybe because your family's getting bigger and in a few months' time there'll be another mouth to feed.


It looks like your schedule today should be filled to the brim, otherwise, you'll get bored. It'll be one of those days where, if the world came to an end, you wouldn't be at home watching TV. The stars only advise you to seize time and make the most of it.

Risk is a highly attractive temptation, you like breaking boundaries and limits, and that's the reason why you burn off your shyness to come closer to new people and experiences. To you, nothing's as valuable as evolving in harmony while keeping an open mind.