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There's a wave of confusion engulfing your home. As part of a relationship, you're filled with doubt, because you want to find an impossible sense behind every statement you hear. You want to clarify the words and intentions of your other half, you'd rather not keep any doubts eating you up inside.

The stars tell us that your partner seems willing to surrender, and if you want to get things better, rebuild what's broken with a perfect mood.

If you're single, you're trying to ensure your feelings. You don't want to continue talking to anyone else if all that's going on is a constant flirting without any clear goals.

You're placing your bet on authenticity, and you're sure that there's someone perfect out there made just for you. You might have been too immature in the past, but experience has made you see what your heart truly needs.


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You're able to carry out every single prowess in your thought book to make more money. Working hard doesn't scare you, and you'll take on any challenge available.

You'll know how to convince people with great wisdom and influence to forget your past (and some present) mistakes, and to have them bet on you for future projects.

Cancer, you'll happily and calmly draw out your life path, convinced that fate has a thousand beautiful things to offer, and more. You know that the best is yet to come, and you'll be more than ready when it happens.


Your mind's in its best shape, its power will be energising, and you need to use the day to ask whatever you need, to bring clarity into your life, and to state what is rightfully your property.

You need to move around, be much more active and dynamic, be concerned about your own wellness, correct the excess you're making so that balance is king. Everything will be safe, secure and in order if you want it to.

Sports, and especially those done in teams, will destroy that heavy feeling you've got, which is a consequence of not moving around enough. How about calling up your mates for a handball game?