Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, the Magic Horoscope will boost your family senses more than usual, and this could surprise more than one of your relatives.

You lead a truly active, bustling lifestyle, and you'll need to relax with your loved ones, prove how much you care about them, and in a way, have them appreciate the efforts you make; for instance, at work, so that they've got everything they need.

If you're single, you'll be sailing through calm waters; if there's a suitor that tries to get you out of there you might feel offended or attacked, without a solid reason for that to even happen in the first place. Could it be because you're afraid of giving away the key to your heart's lock?

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This December 3rd will be financially delicate. You'll have to struggle and juggle around to bring out all the dirty laundry both in your home budgeting and your business, and find out where are the leaks, what mistakes have been made, and what should be corrected.

Don't let impatience be the guide, because if you act on your impulses, you'll make more mistakes than hits. Count to ten when your inner demons are about to stab you from inside.

Some of you will have to get ready to have an open discussion with your workmate (or employees) on certain basic issues that could potentially get worse if there are no measures taken to sort them out. You have to jump into action.


Try to boost your body's natural defence system through resting well and eating healthy; it's simpler than you think, Cancer. Stop looking for an excuse in a lack of time or other wobbly, non-backed-up reasons.

If you keep putting energy into your inner train and don't stop for a minute, you'll be vulnerable to bacterial or virus attacks. Be very careful, especially when getting into bed with someone. Protect your partner while watching out for yourself.