Cancer Horoscope Tuesday
Your Cancer Horoscope for Tuesday | Magic Horoscope


Generally, you've got no issues when forgiving mistakes from your loved ones; you've got a great sense of empathy and you can get into their shoes for one minute, and understand their concerns and motivations.

This Tuesday, you'll find out that a friend has done you ill because you consider their attitude to be bordering on betrayal. As much as you love them, it'll be really hard for you to overlook what they've done, or to understand why they did it.

Avoid your partner from getting in the middle of this situation, Cancer; only you can know whether your friendship is worth this rocky ride, or if it's best for both of you to end the story and close the book once and for all.

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You're too clingy with your belongings, more than you should. It could be understandable that you don't want to dump the clothes you're no longer wearing or the books you no longer read, but it is a completely wasteful attitude.

However, why not consider selling everything you don't need, which you're storing and hoarding at home just because? Even if you make little money, that's always better than not making anything at all!

Or, you could give it to charity; there are many developing countries living in poverty that will gladly welcome any clothes, books or other items that you don't really need.


You've got an amazing attitude when it comes to your wellness; you'll be taking great care of yourself today, and you'll manage to dodge the temptation of eating poorly and embracing habits that are more than harmful.

You'll also be able to control your nerves pretty well because you'll find activities and hobbies that allow you to channel stress, especially if they're sport-related.

When night falls, try to get into bed early, and get up earlier than usual the next morning; you'll get the feeling you're making more of the day than you would otherwise.