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A good dose of passion spices up the first Sunday of the month. In a way, it becomes the engine pulling your life around, and it helps you find some quality time to spend with your partner. Your loved one isn't leaving your mind. If you live away from each other, you'll consider paying them a surprise visit just to draw a smile on their face.

When it comes to couples, it's time to bring the wildest passions alive; everything around you looks like it's been pulled out straight from a fairy tale, although you'll work to make sure that the content isn't just rated E.

If you're single, you'll be pretty optimistic, let everyone share in your good mood, and keep a high motivation to live. In other words, you'll be a magnet attracting positive individuals; and one of the people that come along the way might even stay in your mind for a serious, formal bond.


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Cancer, the Magic Horoscope will boost your stardom; this Sunday's a great day to shine as bright as you want. Make some noise, because you'll definitely be heard, and thus you'll be able to set some good rules that help you reach new heights.

Your social and friend relationships will also improve, and your energetic charm could be a popularity success.

As the new month kicks in you're motivated, and your mind's already bubbling with new projects you're ready to carry out, although it wouldn't be too bad if you finished off some that need a good polishing.


You know how to carry out good initiatives that free you from physical fears. You'd like to take a calmer stance this Sunday, enjoying some of the pleasures of life. However, remember to be more measured from Monday onward. You can't spend your days drinking and eating away.

Routine makes you fall asleep along the way, so you'll run away from it as much as you can. You're looking for activities that awaken your adrenaline, your passion for the unknown grows, but no one seems to answer your call. However, a relaxing plan such as a spa isn't too crazy either.