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You're wondering whether there's a bluer sky out there than the one you glimpse every morning. What you've got is fine and dandy, but the feeling that your heart could feel fuller somewhere else with someone else is more powerful. Even more so if you've got a special friend waiting for you across the land.

The Magic Horoscope will make you more impatient, and if you're taken you might have some ugly moments with them even if you don't want to. Your mind's flying mighty high, and not even you can reach it.

You could share your fears and doubts with your significant other; they might be able to shed some light on the darkness of your desire to run away. The sooner you sort this out, the better.

Some single crabs will react gracefully to someone of unusual attractiveness. Don't let a seemingly hidden rejection trick you, Cancer.


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The arrival of more bills will be stressful for you, but don't worry more than you should: you'll be able to sort out your issues if you bring out your neatest, cleanest side. Besides, the stars will give you some extra luck, which you certainly won't be wasting.

When it comes to business, you've got a rational, pragmatic side. Your opinion will be much appreciated, and you'll have to share it even if you haven't been explicitly asked to do so. You could shed some light on some matters that are shrouded in darkness. You'll know how to act under pressure and use the right methods. You can remain at ease.


Using your smartphone gets you closer to those who are far away, and if used wisely, it can turn out to be quite useful, beneficial little partner. However, if you spend all day long with your hand stuck to it, you should start worrying.

Your spotty sleep routine can be a consequence of using your phone the wrong way. By the time night falls, set it to silent, and don't play with it, and avoid checking out social networks as a form of entertainment to let sleep kick in.

It's much better to wait for sleep to come your way with a nice book in hand! You've probably got many books ready to be read at home.