Magic Horoscope 4 | Magic Horoscope


Your innate extreme sensitivity will lead you into living out an intense day, where protecting your loved ones will be the main priority. However, people around you will see you're in a great mood, and they'll openly express their affection for you.

Even your son, who's the most reluctant one when having to say 'I love you' or hugging, will stop and give you his love. When it comes to love he's a little mysterious, but that's just part of his personality.

As far as couples are concerned, you'll manage to close in quite a bit; you'll receive ideas from your partner to get more involved, and that'll surprise you at the beginning. Then, happiness will kick in, and your horizon will become trouble-free, Cancer.

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Cancer, there's satisfaction coming your way financially speaking, and there's quite some success coming up in negotiations. Your environment at work will grow lighter, you'll express your interests better, and you'll almost manage to convince the other party involved to do whatever you want. This will become a positive motivation to strengthen the basis for any collective projects that are currently sitting it out.

This Friday will be rocky and there won't be time for a short break while you carry out your several professional routine duties.

However, you'll feel something strange in the air, as if your workmates acted under the control of a spell, and you'll have to adapt to the situation as naturally as you possibly can.


Today you'll have a harsh way with words, and you'll sound quite insolent; but even so, you'll be crossing some interesting barriers.

Your hard work is starting to bring its rewards, and you're on an increasingly good shape. You're finally turning down any habits that harmed you, and you're starting to look out for yourself more.

Still, the position of a certain astral triad in your skies will make you exaggerate some ailments or illnesses; watch out for injuries and accidents, you'll have to keep your eyes open to the max.