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A sort of Pandora's box is opening up, and the cheating, lack of loyalty and missing affection become the focus of all your romantic conversations.

You want to keep betting on what you've already got so that it keeps going with the same strength and excitement in the near future, but you'll have to admit that there are things you should change. You could also come clean with the areas you need to improve to reach the common good.

If you're single, you're willing to prove what you can do, and turn many of your thoughts into perspective-geared ideas. You'll be better off on your own, and you'll just happily stroll through your day. By deconstructing your personality, you'll come out of your protective shell, and sooner than you think, you'll open up to new sensations with hope filling up your heart.

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Cancer, if you want better work conditions, you not only need a more competition-ready resumé; you also have to send out the right attitude. Make sure people know that you're focused and responsible, that you can pull out your sense of humour if needed, and that you can be strict when things get serious too.

This new sense of maturity brought on by the Magic Horoscope will allow you to better manage your future professional connections, under a more serene air and with better chances for growth.

Have you got an ongoing business deal? Your moral strength will stabilise all conversations, and it'll be much easier to keep everyone pleased. Your financial spheres will take on a warm hue; and if there's some grey clouds looming around, be the first to bomb them out with some colour.


Your sense of humour will be perfect to relax any tension that flies around in everyone's moods; you'll be a very valuable source for a friend or relative that's sunken in a depressing bout because you'll make them laugh their heart out again. As far as sensitivity is concerned, you take the lead.

You can count on proper medical assistance to end the prospective ailments of your body, and you'll learn to correct some areas of your posture that aren't good for you. It'll be much easier than you think.

If you usually spend a long time in front of the computer for work, you could swap your chair for a Pilates ball. It's a good and cheap solution.