Magic Horoscope 5 | Magic Horoscope


You think that love and sex are just games where almost anything is allowed, as long as truth is the main norm.

You're a natural at breaking social conventions, and you carry out activities that you thought weren't made for you to try. You're all in favour of experimenting and discovering your inner self.

If you want to avoid disappointment and conflict in matters of the heart, don't give in to the impulsiveness that's ruling around you.

You need to stay in control for yourself, Cancer, and to keep an open conversation with your crush, but do it tactfully enough to know that you both want the same thing. Having a certain amount of power could eventually become a disadvantage.

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You experience rebirth after a time where your confidence had severely dropped down. You've tamed the beast, and your fears and concerns are in one single spot, able to face them any way you want.

Everything looks possible from today onwards because you're waltzing your way around a state of good mood and fortune, you're attracting the money into your path.

The skies will become your best friends, and they'll bring a gust of fresh air into your professional relationships; they'll be able to do you a favour that will eventually become priceless. You feel freer and perfectly understood. Someone seasoned in their profession will help you complete your riskiest projects in a calm, thought-out way.


Your stomach's a little sensitive. Try not to eat foods with heavy digestion processes: fried, breaded, fatty meats... Also, you'll be highly receptive to scents, and some of them could even make you nauseous.

Except for that, you're in for a pretty good day as far as your health is concerned, and you'll be able to rest well enough as to recover your fully drained energy. If you've got sleep problems, you might want to turn your mattress around, or even get a brand-new one.