You're doing pretty well in love, at least for now. The connection with your partner is perfect and accurate, and you've got excellent communication. You know how to share your fears or wishes with one another just with the blink of an eye.

That good connection could make more than one jealous individual rot with envy, especially if they feel attracted to your partner. Today someone could try to meddle and slither in between you two, but you definitely won't let that happen.

If you're single, don't lose your hopes on your beloved no matter how hard it looks for your love boat to set sail smoothly. Your native Cancer caution will be the most fitting key to the doors of their heart.

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As far as your finances go, there could be several issues and instances of conflict, especially because of an account that doesn't look too well.

It might have been a human mistake on your part. If you think that's the case, own up to it, because running away won't get it sorted out. The water won't calm down like that, and responsibilities will be sent off, so your wisest choice is to slip some sensibility into the situation.

In order to repair a crack in your savings, you'll have to squeeze up a few notches, and for some of you, that will also entail finding a second job. Asking the bank or a loan company for money will only make the crack larger in the foreseeable future.


Improve the quality of the light at home and work, especially if you spend a long time in front of the computer. Nothing like natural daylight in that sense, because it promotes concentration. Get those shutters open and let the sun shine in!

Except for this slight detail, the Magic Horoscope doesn't have much to share about your health, because this Thursday everything will flow smoothly. You'll even find that the pain in your neck or back will start coming down.