Cancer horoscope prediction according to the stars. | Magic Horoscope


Today's planetary environment will favour intuition and clarity, and you'll manage to make these qualities the central element to your home's habitat. You'll know how to spot your partner's and children's issues, and you'll propose solutions even before they tell you something's going slightly wrong.

You feel like your heart grows a few sizes when taking care of your loved ones, and your patience will be endless, much larger than what you usually feel.

However, you won't be so welcoming when it comes to speech mishaps and disrespectful statements. Just because you want harmony to rule the roost doesn't mean you can be taken for a fool.

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Cancer, your bravery will be tremendous today. When it's down to work, you want to be a leader that selects and keeps a strong team close to reach success, even though you don't have the best weapons to take charge.

Sometimes you'll want to launch your boat into sailing free without barely even touching the wheel; then, it's obvious that the ship will do nothing but crash and burn after hitting the rocks.

Therefore, you'll have to get down and dirty if you want your personal projects to succeed. Forget about the idea of delegating all responsibilities away and more.

At least you'll be more fortunate about your finances, and you might even hit a lucky break. Don't forget to check your lottery tickets if you've got one or two lying around your wallet. Who knows if they've got a prize? You can't be just chilling around!


The Moon might not be threatening your physical stability, but it could give you an intolerance around your digestive system.

To prevent this from happening, avoid heavy foods, or those that are fatty, such as fries, breaded meat or deep-fried fish. Stay away from all alcohol and sugary soft drinks, and pair up your meals with a nice big glass of water.

Some of you will go on spiritual adventures that you'll keep a secret for now; you think your loved ones aren't ready to find out about your personal road to evolution. Do what makes you feel good. Besides, you don't have to explain every move you make.