Venus has an important influence on your skies today, so this Saturday you'll experience a blissful paradise. For your partner, you'll be the Sun that lights up their life, they'll understand your feelings right away, and you'll feel like you're connected together into one single heart.

This doesn't mean that there won't be any arguments to spice up your daily life. It could be related to sharing house chores, or affairs connected to pets in the home.

If you're single, you should control your passion; you're a Cancer native made of fire that will win hearts everywhere you go. If the fire lights up in your bed, remember to use the appropriate methods to prevent not only unwanted pregnancies but sexually transmitted diseases as well.

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As far as work goes, you've got it very clear. You know what you want in life, and what you want to dodge. You're flexible to certain changes that used to scare you, and you're making greater efforts to stay on top of your job.

You're also aware that there's a constant flow of younger, fresher individuals behind you ready to poke out, and who wouldn't hesitate or think twice before stealing your position if they could. Don't give them any room to do so.

As far as finances go, you're about to share some bad news with your family. A mistake linked to paying up fines or taxes could have a lot to do with it.


The Magic Horoscope points out that your urinary tract will be in trouble. If you're experiencing discomfort when going to the toilet, ask for a medical appointment and don't keep anything in. Only then will you be able to get the right diagnosis.

Carry along with you at all times that bracelet or picture that you feel is such a powerful charm to you; it'll help you ward off toxic individuals and energy vampires, the kind of people who steal all your vitality and suck it into them the minute they step into the room.