This Wednesday, Saturn has a warning for you: you need to protect the privacy of your romance. There's intruders lurking around, ready to shatter your love story into pieces just because they feel like it.

You'll have to be extremely meticulous, and avoid giving away important facts on yourself or your family over social networks. Don't give anyone the slightest chance to make up and spread out harmful rumours. Prevention is so much better than cure!

Use the chances offered up by Venus to get closer to your beloved if you're a single Cancer. And if you've been involved in an argument with your partner, finish off that open-ended issue and get it done.

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You need to stay professional and composed today; your managers and supervisors will watch you closely. You've been losing your grip on reality as of lately, and you're making more mistakes than expected.

They will be indulgent and compassionate on you, but their patience is starting to run thin, even more so if there are mistakes that they have told you how to avoid over and over again. But in any case, don't feel nervous, because you're in no danger of losing your job.

Are you thinking about going on a trip somewhere, perhaps taking a holiday? Your expenses could break the bank if you don't watch them closely. Even if you wish to live beyond your current level, be cautious and careful.


You need to keep working on your self-esteem, and fortunately enough for you, Venus will teach you to love yourself better today. It'll be one of those days when you enjoy stepping in front of a mirror to take a quick look at your reflection.

If you feel daring enough, ask for an appointment at a clinic and get a makeover, with a new haircut and hair colour, bolder and stronger. In other news, there are no serious health issues coming up.