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This Friday, November 8, you'll have a hard time understanding your beloved. It looks like their mind is poisoned because of their new friends. But we all have the right to think whatever way we want and express ourselves freely. Why not?

Today, you should think about yourself; it's a good time to be a little more independent. If you're single, you won't feel too sorry about not having a life partner by your side. You believe you don't need your other half; you're a firm defender of the idea of being your own whole entity.


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Consumerism is making a home out of your life. Jupiter makes you shop until you drop to feel confident about yourself, and you're even trying to make your partner or friends join your newfound hobby of splashing the cash.

Hit the break on your own road to shopping, or your cries will be heard overseas. The instant satisfaction you feel when you shop puts your spiritual freedom to sleep, Cancer, and it takes you to a different state above everyone else.

However, luck is by your side at work: your relationships with workmates will improve, and you'll even make some nice connections with a person (maybe even a manager) that could have been considered your nemesis up to now.


Your mind's making you dream of far-off places and journeys, whether you need a break from your daily issues, or even to get some surgery at a country with lower rates than yours. Therefore, you might be surprised about finding yourself going on a health tourism trip earlier than you think.

Change your schedule to something more sensible, be persistent with your needs and with the time your body demands for a break.

In order to rest better, it might be time to change your bed mattress, or even your pillows, for a different bedding set that fits your needs better.