Your partner would like to talk to you, but they're kind of holding it back. In any case, you're more than aware of what it is that they just can't put into words. You might even be scared about hearing it from them.

The stars encourage you to be brave and take a stand this Sunday, Cancer; be the one to make the first move, take their hand and sit down to calmly discuss the issue.

It's okay if you need to turn around the foundations of your relationship, you're still on time to save your story and give it a happy ending, no matter how dire the situation looks.

If you're single, you'll learn to embrace and accept your loneliness, and you'll break those dependent ties that link you to other people.

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There's news coming your way! You're not expecting it, but you could be parting ways for a while with some of your financial concerns.

You'll learn to be more trusting of a sense of abundance in life to make everything flow smoother. You'll stop being in distress about financial affairs. Use this situation to do whatever your family needs.

You'll be extremely useful for friends or family in need, and you'll be able to help them out (within a responsible range, of course).

And when it's time to sit down and negotiate, try to be polite and keep your temper cool; learn to read in between the lines and make a move before your rival does.


Sleep is still your big nemesis; you refuse to get into bed at a specific time because you've always got an excuse to watch your new favourite show or to lose valuable sleep time staring at your phone.

In order to slip into the arms of sleep, try some natural remedies such as valerian or linden teas, and stay away from sleeping pills, unless your doctor prescribed them to you. These medications are no child's play because they have a serious addictive effect and shouldn't be consumed at free will.