Pluto's influence will be powerful in your love life, even for those relationships where you had almost given up. There will be a beacon of hope shiny enough to keep the fires of love alive.

And as if this weren't enough, Venus, the goddess of love, will boost this burst of passion and love to make your happiness and that of your partner be reborn stronger than before.

Many of you who are single will find the pleasant surprise of love at first sight or a sudden open declaration of love from someone you'd known for a while. Cancer, nothing will go according to plan, because things will be getting so much better.

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There's some possibilities of unexpected money coming in. As in the well-known fairytale, the secret is to avoid killing the hen off to find the much-desired golden eggs faster.

But remember that, as people say, if you grasp all, you lose all. Get away from the slightest feeling of greed while you're at it, because it never brings you any rewards.

Jupiter will exert a strong influence over your professional areas. But not everything will be easy this Thursday: some of you are about to get bad news, like not having your contract renewed, for instance. Others are about to enter a battle of the wills against your boss (or colleagues), and that is definitely not bringing anything good either.


Health issues will be unimportant to you, and even though the doctor has told you that you should rest and relax, you'll spend your whole day stepping on the gas, running everywhere.

You might think that it's okay just this one time, but it actually isn't. Don't ignore your ailments or illnesses! Take them seriously, and that will avoid you from moping or complaining in the future.

This is because Mars will force you to keep going forward and it'll make you quite the entrepreneur, ready to jump in, take the plunge and take up a thousand activities at the same time. Fortunately, Saturn will tend to stop you and tire you out to help.