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You have a need for love that has been neglected for too long a time, perhaps because you deny your own gut instinct. Listen to your wishes and to people around you, because you're starting on a cycle filled with extreme emotions.

Your good mood will spread around you, and you'll have the chance to go deeper into a friendship that might evolve into something else.

Get out of your shell and say yes to any invitation coming your way. Everything's in your favour, and you'll manage to share some good times and pleasant exchanges. Think positive.


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Your name will be linked to some business projects that aren't really your cup of tea, and you'll have to pull out your address list to avoid getting tainted. You'll have to be persuasive if you want things done your way, Cancer.

Be very careful when networking with younger, less experienced workmates. Forgive their mistakes, don't be too strict, and remember how things used to be when you were in their shoes.

Your efforts to communicate as far as money is concerned will be lucky. You'll have some very constructive conversations with your family, and there's a new network building up. Budgeting will be better for everyone if you all share your ideas. Being polite and open-minded will give you plenty of chances to reach ultimate success. Stay on that track!


This November 9, you'll let some tensions fly away, resort to serenity and open up your heart to all sorts of authenticity. This attitude will be greatly beneficial and it'll allow you to solidify whatever attitudes you've already got. Plenitude will be waiting when you leave the house.

It wouldn't be too far off to carry around that item that fills you with energy, the one you consider your lucky charm (a picture of your keys, a keychain inherited from a distant relative...). Whenever you're doubtful about which way to go, that's where you'll find an answer.