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According to the current position of the Magic Horoscope's stars, no significant event should affect your life as a couple before the weekend.

To break with a routine that can cause fatigue and laziness, why not enjoy an improvised romantic getaway?

Go crazy, prepare your luggage quickly and let yourself be carried away by the car, perhaps to a rural inn to relive the passion, or to a hotel away from the worldly noise, in full contact with nature.

Risk if you want to win, and don't let anything or anyone get in your way; in fact, don't even consult with the people around you, who will only call you spontaneous and crazy.


Attending the cosmic calendar, this day is marked by an improvement in your work, something that can even translate into an unexpected promotion that, of course, you will love.

This doesn't mean that the problems with certain partners will disappear, although this Friday the dialogue will be too difficult with your surroundings.

If you are unemployed, continue your investigation of the labor market, because you could find a job that corresponds to what you want.

The time is approaching when someone finally values those commendable efforts that you are carrying out, although an excess of zeal will cause complications that will be difficult for you to justify.


Cancer, you know you'll be hypersensitive today. You will want the world to understand you, although you will only manage to do it a bit, so be careful, because your susceptibility can harm you.

And is that psychically, sometimes you will be a little lost, which can bring you moments of nervousness or insomnia.

Don't let such problems be solved alone, get on with it, make inquiries; your doctor can advise you on a good treatment to relieve them, and if it doesn't convince you, ask for a second opinion, and even a third one.

As this Friday and the hours go by, a beautiful pretty solid health energy will come out and it will be patent and notorious.

You will benefit from an impeccable tone and you won't have any serious illness to fear.