Cancer Astral Horoscope for Thursday 12th April by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Thursday
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Cancer, if you are looking for a partner today you will live an ideal occasion to be able to establish a relationship, at least friendly, with someone very interesting, possibly Libra.

But watch out! Have moderation with the things that you are going to say, because today the stars have you a bit impulsive and you can pronounce sentences that aren't completely correct.

You may tell the other person that an imperfection that they have and that gives them a complex is what you like most about their appearance or their personality. Especially, don't do it right after they've made a comment about it.

About your family, which is also part of your heart, you will receive news about the end of a problem that you have been dragging for a long time related to health reasons.


You are waiting for a payment that finally will be made to you today, and that will be a significant amount, even more than what you were expecting.

Check that there hasn't been any problem, especially so that they don't demand tomorrow the monetary difference between what was received and what you thought you were going to get.

Once you check that everything is correct, don't waste the money, and put that extra money in to settle a debt you have, or even take away a letter that you still have to pay.


Today something that you dreamed about not long ago will happen, like a kind of premonition. Something that you expected, but it has still been a surprise for you.

You're going to make an effort to remember more things about that dream, to see if you can remember something that gives you more clues as to why everything happened. And it will be in vain.

How many times have you dreamed things that have never happened before? It has been a mere coincidence, don't give it a greater importance than it has.

Be careful today with electrical appliances, especially those that are old because they can give you an unpleasant surprise.