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As Venus isn’t in the right spot when it comes to your personal sky, your love issues will probably not go as well as you hoped for.

So it’s best to be on alert and not regret what may happen after. Your heart may be pierced due to betrayal, leaving you feeling trapped and lost.

Don’t start off any trouble with your partner, try not to argue even if they are asking for it, and above all, avoid committing permanently to someone such as getting married on this Monday.

At least, within your familiar circle things will be running smoother as you will receive some good news that will make you bounce with joy, maybe a new member to the family perhaps?

Not everything is bad today, as you don’t deserve negativeness!

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Some of you Cancerians will see your economic situation take a drastic turn. There will be changes which will tend to be negative, but the answer is not to panic and breathe. This will help you get through it.

Everything depends on what you chose to see, and if you make an effort, you will see some results that maybe others don’t see.

This shows that you have a high level of emotional intelligence, and that therefore you will gain success. You won’t fall nor are you going to let the others around you do so either.

Your stomach is hard, you are brave and will always be afloat, even when issues get complicated.


Spend a good amount of time organizing what you are going to eat this week ahead, as you would eat from breakfast to dinner.

As soon as you have written it all down, start to cross out all of the processed meals that you bought already cooked in plastic tubs.

It will be beneficial for you to eat meals that you cook yourself with fresh ingredients such as meat, fish and fruit.

While Venus is grateful for your creativity, you will be granted the knowledge of making attractive and delicious meals.

It’s all about trying and innovating. For example, have you tried putting raw broccoli in a salad? With some honey mustard, apple and dried fried, it is quite exquisite.