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You start the month with a terrible feeling, and unfortunately you don't know how to control it. And that feeling, which almost becomes a nightmare, is an irrational fear of loneliness.

Cancer, don't shut yourself up, because the Magic Horoscope guarantees that during this first day of February you will only be surrounded by faithful and sincere people.

In fact, rarely will you enjoy such loyalty around you.

And if you have had fights with your partner, your discrepancies may be forgotten, as you will realize how in their words and actions there was no evil that you could see in a fleeting moment.

Are you single? In that case, the stars invite you to gradually approach a person of the sign Aries, because there will be special chemistry between your hearts, and will be driven by the planet Venus, the goddess of love.


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Just because a product is on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it in a hurry and run, as if your life were in it, Cancer.

The Magic Horoscope detects in you the desire to burn your credit card, since you are easy to seduce with attractive advertisements and interesting prices.

But what you have to ask yourself before making an uncontrolled purchase is if you really need what you are acquiring. If you are going to use it habitually, in your day to day.

If the answer is no, you'd better save that money you were going to burn in a matter of seconds


In principle this Friday will be calm for the natives of the crab, and will only have slight stomach discomfort, which can manifest with a bad breath.

If that is your case, magnolia extract can be very interesting to fight it.

And a warning for those natives of Cancer who usually practice physical activity with a partner, such as certain martial arts, or even dance.

Take good care of your reflexes, which are not very powerful, and the same thing ends up causing a crash or accident that ends with minor injuries. You are warned!