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Cancer Daily Horoscope for January 1

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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How cool is your head this Tuesday? Did you toast with champagne and its funny bubbles now run through your mind with pressure?

Well, go back to the real world, because today is the first day of the year, but it's just one more day, regular and ordinary, in which your partner has the same need for love as always.

For many natives, 2019 has started in a bittersweet way, right? With some arguments with their partners, which today would have to be solved.

Discrepancies that may also have happened within the family, for the record, although isn't love what we also have for our family?

Be docile and sympathetic, it is not necessary to open this cycle with separatisms and bad words. Isn't it sweeter to do it between kisses, hugs and complicity glances?


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Today you can leave the economic worries anesthetized, especially if you are one of those lucky ones who today do not have to go to work.

Of course, you must be clear that tomorrow you will have to get your act together and consider how you are going to guide your money from now on.

And above all, you must set new goals, as if it were a new year's goal. To know how far you are going to go in 2019 and to fill the fuel tank to achieve it.

Take it easy if you are one of those people who today have to work anyway.


It is not expected in the sky of Cancer that today the energies are in a good tone, especially if last night there were some excesses with drinks and delicious meals.

So, your endurance has limits that you should not exceed, and so at best today you should take a good walk at a brisk pace, in addition to drinking a lot of water.

And if you are going to think about new healthy habits for 2019, banish the "I will never do again..." because the more you say it, the sooner you will end up doing it.