Cancer Daily Horoscope for July 1

Your Horoscope for Monday
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This Monday will seem calm as your partner and you have peace in the air around you, even though the sounds of bombs hasn't entirely passed by yet. The day has many hours ahead which will be nice and pleasant, as you try and keep your love life healthy.

Your priorities will be your home and want everything to be up to date, especially your house chores, your responsibilities, your bills paid off, etc.

Those young couples should take a step forward in their relationship, and call it a commitment, b=may buying a house together so you can start a family.

Those who are single, are searching for their other half so they can start over with someone new; someone who really cares about them and doesn't take advantage of what you have. Look after your inner circle as your friends and family will always be there for you.

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There is nothing important you should worry about. Saturn is helping those farmers with their crops, as the time is approaching for you to pick them all. Your responsibilities are efficient as you are hard-working and know what you are doing. You are an expert!

Some Cancer can be a bit greedy in terms of money and will start to question everything around them whether it is legal or not, to see if they can get some extra cash from them. Think before acting as you will end up with many enemies.

Be scrupulous and tidy, because if it gets out of hand it will be quite hard to fix. Spend less or unnecessary things and control your money in terms of love, because going out for meals all the time can be expensive.



When there is a health risk you need to find out how bad it is and how to fix it, so stop trying to cut off those bad habits cold turkey. By stopping instantly it may affect your health even worse and maybe you should stop gradually. consult your doctor and they will tell you what is best.

The stars say that your mental health is fine, as you avoid negative vibrations. You should plan an upcoming party or event, as it will keep your mind occupied and help you sleep better at night. 

If someone says something that annoys you, try to ignore it because if you comment back, it will make the situation worse. Choose your battles.