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You stand this Friday under the protective wing of Venus, and with its influence, love should fill you, flood every millimeter of your body, from the tip of your hair to the toes.

Thus, it will be easy to weave strong knots that connect with your partner, with complicity, and with much laughter, which is also very therapeutic.

Because could you say that you laugh with your partner every day, you have that level of complicity, or between you there are more resigned snorts?

Many singles, for their part, will undertake a new and exciting activity (a craft course, a reading club perhaps) in which there are options to meet an interesting person.

If yesterday you showed certain laziness in love, you will banish that feeling to become a much more sociable being, capable of attracting by its sympathy, all in a natural way, without tightening the rope.


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There will be interesting perspectives for you to increase your wealth, you know that there is a dynamic air around you, the inertia that fosters profits.

But before you rub your hands thinking about all the wealth you could amass, think that you will also have responsibilities, that you will be forced to spend a lot of money.

In fact, your balance is likely to be in deficit at the end of the day.

To improve your situation you will try to use your influence, that some people you consider powerful in some way give you a hand.

Don't abuse by always knocking on the same doors, because one day they stop opening for you. Moderation, okay, Cancer?


Think that your body is a great ship, very complete as well as complex and that you are the controller of it. You are your own God, so to speak.

Since you have the aforementioned control, why are there activities that you do with the autopilot, losing power over your own movements?

Above all, beware of eating compulsively out of boredom, without seeking to have your stomach satiated, just by the gesture of doing so, while you think perhaps about the future, or why not, in the past.