Cancer Daily Horoscope for May 1

Your Horoscope for Wednesday
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It is a good opportunity, as it is to Venus, to have some gesture towards your partner, a little surprise that is not expected, such as a nice bottle of wine, a candle lit dinner or even some flowers.

What if you give her a set of sensual underwear, that although it is a gift, it will also allow you to give free rein to the passion and allow you to be the winner?

For singles, shame will not be a good friend; you will have to deal with it and you will tend more to position yourself as an invisible being.

So much you camouflage yourself by lying, and saying that the other you let an interesting person escape, and with which you could be very happy if you lose the ballasts that you carry in your backpack and that slow down your walk.

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You will be a difficult person to shut up. This Wednesday you want to give your opinion about everything loud and clear, even in subjects of which you know little or nothing.

On the one hand, you run the risk of being ignorant towards other people with whom you have to do business (although not necessarily now).

But it is also that you will be able to create enemies for your political and religious opinions, and that you end up getting your foot in the bottom.

With this, the Magic Horoscope invites you to be discreet, just thinking about your money and keeping your job with the same conditions as before.


The truth is that May starts in top form for you, although you just need more free time to do something more, like sport.

In fact, you will receive plans to do some group activity that would be great for your well-being, such as playing a football match or hiking, but you will not know how to find the space in your busy schedule.

Beware of your stomach that may be too sensitive, especially dishes loaded with spicy (something that is not good if you suffer from haemorrhoids, as you know).

On the spiritual side, you will have a very developed extrasensory perception, which will allow you to notice those who are no longer near you, and you can even receive messages that you were waiting for, perhaps through your dreams.