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You don't have many expectations concerning your love life, my dear Cancer. This Tuesday might surprise you. Who knows!

You will feel a tremendous connection with someone who has just entered your inner circle. You have many things in common and you always have something to talk about. You enjoy their company, and it might even end up into something more than friendship.

Unfortunately, Magic Horoscope has some bad news for you. Someone in your inner circle seems to be drifting away from you as they are jealous of your new friends. You should talk to them, as they are an important figure in your life.


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You seem to give your professional life too much importance. There are signs that show benefits. These benefits are full of potential and might help you earn more money.

You know how to make the most of certain occasions; you won't show your bravery straight away just in case others try to pull you down. Try to find different ways to approach the same subject.

Stress will overwhelm you and those working around you. Whether it is caused by family disputes or meetings not going as planned. Find ways to put this in the back of your head so that you can concentrate on your present issues.



You need to know exactly what you expect from life, my dear Cancer. Do not let yourself get dragged around by negative vibes or people who tread on you constantly. Be yourself and don't let anybody walk all over you! Go out as you please and enjoy yourself. Nobody can pull you down!

You like to have everything organized and call it by its name; what is white, is white, and what is black, is black. There is no in-between.

It is good for you to follow your own dreams, as you will gain self-confidence. You have trust issues but these will be overcome with some therapy.