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It's a good day to propose to your partner to move forward, row together in your relationship and take one more step that consolidates the foundations you already have.

Were you thinking of proposing to him or her that you go and live together? Well, the yes will be guaranteed, Cancer! A wonderful way to close the week, no doubt.

However, take care of the forms a little, because you could look more arrogant than necessary, something that can give you displeasure if you are single.

In that case, don't be forced to say yes to the first person who comes to you this Sunday, don't be fooled and analyze your suitor's profile.

There may be hidden surprises, such as being currently married or having several stories on the set.


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The Sun is shown in a tortuous aspect and does not want to throw its light or heat to the aspect of your economy.

So, it could put stones in your shopping for the most essential things, and you might even find yourself in debt that you will have to pay off faster than you would expect.

Can everything get worse? Unfortunately, you can always twist things further, and some of the crab's natives may even get news of financial delays and errors.

At the very least, you'll have a serene appearance that will allow you to react positively and enthusiastically to these setbacks, and you'll have the patience to round the sharp corners.


This Sunday should be an obligatory day dedicated to laughter, just for the numerous beneficial effects it has for your health.

That way, laughing out loud will improve your well-being, whether you're sick or rather depressed.

So be generous when it comes to laughing, for that action is undoubtedly the elixir of youth, both of heart and mind.

Also, take advantage that there is no planet that is turning its thumb down as far as your health is concerned, and you may even find situations in which to benefit from some discomfort to improve.