Magical Horoscope Cancer
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Stop boasting about how well your life was going with love in the past, and how much peace reigned in your home.

Because your head is anchored in the past, and as a consequence, the present life is escaping from your domain, as if the thing were not with you.

How can we stop being a passive subject today? Ah, we wish the answer were easy!

But the essential thing is that you make an active listening of the worries and desires (and even complaints) that your partner has in today.

Don't let any harmful feelings catch you, much less fear, especially if you are single, as you could have a new romantic front just around the corner.

You love being home, but only stepping on the street is how people know each other.


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On an economic level, you don't want to make any commitments for the future, so you will postpone the signing of certain contracts or the contracting of services.

Take advantage of this diffuse mood to better analyze the markets, and see if the option you were going to sign was the best for you, or there are some more beneficial waiting for someone to find them.

Also, you will know how to ignore that friend who always gives you some advice on what is best for you, the same one who always thinks that knows the real truth even if they don't apply it to their life.

Make it clear to them that the day they are an example to you 100% you will begin to listen to them.


With mastery, you will know how to avoid the setbacks that life puts you ahead on this Thursday, Cancer, thanks to the stars, especially Venus, that protect the scope of your health.

Your optimistic spirit will bring only good things to you, you will be a real magnet for people who are close to you to think positive.

Be careful with hasting, because if you try to do things quickly you will end up stumbling on your face, either literally or figuratively. Walk slowly.