Cancer Daily Horoscope |



The climate of love will be quite good as a whole, as long as you follow the most elementary rules of tolerance and mutual understanding.

The stars don't care if you're married or single, but they do care if you respond adequately to your spouse's demand for love, which requires tenderness.

For some singles, a date in the air will suffer some complications. Delayed schedules, lack of coordination, and unanswered phone calls.

You'll have to sweat if you want Cupid to catch up with you then!


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Your level of demand is moderate by shooting to light, and therefore your money could be spent quickly, because you think that for once nothing happens.

That once in a while you can afford a luxury, that you're working for it, and well, you don't lack reason (as long as it's an exception!).

On the other hand, you will discover that a person with whom you had good relations, or at least, cordial, does not want you well.

You will even hear information about a possible veto that has raised against your professionalism, recommending other colleagues who do not count on you.

Gather the necessary evidence to find them in the nose, and justify if you can. You will show him that no one plays happily with your bread or your family's bread, Cancer.


There aren't as many sick or ailing people around you as you think; maybe you're being hypochondriacal.

Come out of the bubble and enjoy this Sunday, because nothing is going to happen to you, and the world is made for you, without anyone or anything hurting you!

Of course, if you avoid overwork and overly violent sports, even better.

To limit the impact of waste on the planet, make sure that the hygiene and health products you use today are recycled and recyclable.

Even if you can, look for a bath gel that isn't as polluting to the water as the usual ones, and it's not as expensive as you imagine!