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This Thursday 10th October will be a blessing for singles and lonely hearts born under Cancer. Suddenly, your existence will take a complete upside-down turn, because an exciting romantic adventure will bring hope into your life. You'll start looking more closely at someone who wouldn't initially be your type.

Long-term partners will have a routine day in the best way possible, where there won't be any bumps on the road or jealousy that could cloud daily little gifts.

Take better care of your children, they've got some study issues going on and it might be good both for you and them to help out a little.

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Your diplomatic skills will be very useful to succeed in some pre-arranged deals (but which won't be sealed the regular way).

The other party will have lots of doubts, so many that you'll feel like throwing everything under the bus. That's when you'll have to be patient and listen to your partner, understand them and give in; only then will you be able to sort out any misunderstandings.

By promoting flexibility and expressing things more tactfully, you'll be sure to find a pretty interesting sense of financial harmony, Cancer.

You're quite optimistic with your home finances. The efforts you've made to save money are starting to pay off, and things are going better than you'd expect. Don't give up now.


Your health is mighty fine, although Mars' current arrangement could have a slightly negative impact; perhaps a mild headache, or a slight contracture around your neck area.

You won't be losing your energy easily, you'll dose it up to reach nighttime at your best; it wouldn't be too bad an idea to have a melatonin supplement to sleep better. In this day and age, it's easy to find this sort of pill at any supermarket.

You might be surprised, and you'll have to control your emotions, especially if you've got blood pressure issues. If your pressure is particularly frail, remember to avoid using more salt than you need in your meals. It's never too crazy to be cautious (or even to ask for a doctor's appointment to get checked).