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The week starts full of vitality, but your love life is not receptive to the desire you dedicate to be happy. In fact, it will be quite sullen.

This is due to the influence of the planet Saturn, and in the best of cases, you will live a life as a couple without surprises or revelry or quiet but well-experienced solitude.

Of course, everything can also go wrong, as it will happen to more than one Cancer, and in the worst case, you will experience a marital crisis, due to lack of communication and common interests.

The latter case will especially affect couples who have had a serious and persistent misunderstanding, and others will not have to fear more than the account.


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Your acidic humor sometimes leads you to take too risky trusts with people you should respect.

For example, a department head, a client with whom you collaborate actively, or a colleague who is older than you.

Although they won't tell you anything, some comments you make today will be inappropriate, and you'll notice in their eyes that you've screwed up.

So that this type of action does not affect your salary at the end of the month, try to remedy the error soon by apologizing.

And by the way, close your mouth a little more and dedicate yourself to what you have to do, without wasting so much time on jokes that sometimes lack fun.


The idea of doing a little sport at home may cross your mind, and that can be very interesting.

But you don't have to go to a store and buy dumbbells, an exercise bike and other materials like crazy!

To kill the shopping bug, get a mat so you don't exercise directly on the floor, and get to work on your abs!

If you want to add a vitamin supplement to your diet, see if brewer's yeast meets your needs.

This type of yeast is rich in vitamin B12 and has folic acid, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine and other components that can improve the functioning of the nervous system.