Cancer Daily Horoscope |




You are very sentimental, and today maybe even a bit too much as everything around you affects you making you cry. Don't take everything so personally or otherwise it will make you feel worse.

On the other hand, especially within couples, jealousy will get the best of you but also will help you both unite and become even stronger.

For those single, your sense of humour is great and will attract nice people whose company you will enjoy. If you make an effort to be nice to others then sympathy will bring you together. You won't conquer many hearts but it is best to have a few good ones rather than lots that aren't worth much!


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Your possibilities to accomplish great financial transactions is very high, as you know the market and when exactly to invest.

If you are having problems with inheritance, today is the day that you will find the solution, so don't stay too far away from your phone as an important call is due.

To earn some extra cash take up another job to increase your salary. You can do private tuition classes to children, babysit, dog walk or even be a delivery person. It isn't hard to find a job!

However, make sure you analyze whether it is best for you to work from home or actually getting up in the morning and going to work. You may pay transport but getting ready in the morning boosts your self-esteem.



Keep an eye on your blood pressure as you need to have it under control in case it increases.

Avoid smoking tobacco and drinking alcoholic drinks, limit your salt intake just in case. Even though your blood pressure is fine, it doesn't mean it might shoot up any second now.

Make sure your diet includes vegetable, fruit and lots of nuts (preferably cooked or roasted), integral pasta and red meats.

Fr drinks, it is essential to drink water on a daily basis, avoiding bubbly and fizzy drinks. Think about yourself and consider looking after your body.