Cancer Daily Horoscope for May 11

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- Love
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Love must be lived in bed, on the sofa, at breakfast time, in day to day regimes and in tangible situations.

This is what the Magic Horoscope tells you because you focus sometimes more on projecting success in all facets of your life through social networks rather than face-to-face with your partner.

In fact, maybe your partner at some point reproaches you for the addiction to the mobile phone, in that aura of exhibitionism in which you are involved in these moments.

However, mobile phone applications will be very useful for Cancer that walk with the heart free of passengers.

Through the contact pages you could find someone with who, at least, spend a good evening of laughter and champagne.

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Wanting to go further in your career is good, as long as it doesn’t come down to paying a price my dear Cancer, let alone affecting your health.

The desire to exhibit yourself as a powerful, influential and unique person can end up causing some kind of physical problem, perhaps closing your appetite for stress, or because running around all day accelerated like a headless chicken will cause a fall or injury.

Take your professional life in a more leisurely way, or you will not get old, my dear Cancer; In fact, if you slow down, you will see how at work, luck will be with you again.

In your company, there will be someone who expects you to play a role of conciliator, and you will be given such a role of luxury. Bravo!


Some recurrent pains of those who suffer daily are a result of lack of activity. Your body, my dear Cancer, is asking for action and soon.

To start activating it, it is enough to do half an hour of daily walking, but not stepping on eggs; You have to walk as if you were about to miss the train, or as if you were late for a job interview.

For health, remember that nothing satisfies thirst like water. Sodas are real pumps of sugars that should be consumed with great moderation, and if they are low in calories, they have too many artificial sweeteners that, if you save them, your body will thank you.