Cancer Magic Horoscope 5
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There's a crisis happening inside your heart, something's not going right. Even though you've tried your best at ignoring it, you can't deal with it anymore. It's time to grab the bull by the horns.

Don't force yourself to act in a rush and avoid running unnecessary risks in love; don't let your lips speed ahead of your mind if you want to be completely honest with your partner.

Be very careful of false moves; don't threaten to carry out actions that might turn against you in the end, like saying that you're almost on the verge of breaking up when you actually don't want to do so.

If you're a single Cancer, you're in luck: the phone will keep ringing, and the acquaintances are flowing freely. Don't hesitate to answer the call of whoever's interested in your love.

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Good news will flood your Friday with happiness; you're filled with energy and you'll be able to face any sudden challenge that life places onto your path.

You'll come to understand that time is more precious than gold and you'll be highly efficient in the company; you'll finish your tasks quickly and you might even go home earlier than expected.

You've carried out an excellent learning curve at managing your schedule and personal duties.

There'll be more business-related transitions, business trips and conventions linked to your field of expertise.

Some of you are considering making a family and having more children, but before you jump into it, pull out your calculator and make sure that your current budget would be able to provide a decent, good quality life to your future kids.


Don't let your health down even if everything seems perfect. Think about saving some of your energy; if you get too drained because you're overly enthusiastic, the recovery could be longer than you'd want it to. Years don't go by just on a whim of fate, Cancer!

You're right by thinking that you should double-check your wellness-related goals, but you're wrong if you think that it should involve spending more time at the gym than at home with your loved ones. Have some more extra time to embrace the experience of life, it can fly right before your eyes, and before you even know, it's gone.