Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 12

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Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


If you are in a relationship, the quality time you spend together may be a bit under the weather, especially as MagicHoroscope says that this will have an impact on you if your married life isn’t giving you everything you need.

When giving explanations, up to the point that you argue until you unwind the problem, you are risking using all of your energy to overcome these problems.

You kick yourself down, as it is you who is throwing stones in your own path, for you to stumble upon once and once again.

If you live alone, you will play a game, trying to conquer extravagant hearts as you will keep an eye out for unique people who are peculiar in their own way.

The bad side of it? You won’t want to dress yourself up, and therefore, fewer hearts you will be able to conquer.


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You need to learn to control your desires to tell people what to do with their money. Your advice is interesting, but did anyone ask for it?

Your personal image borders your pride level throughout this day and this may make you feel uncomfortable in situations in which your friend’s o colleagues are involved.

You should worry about your own finances and that everything is in order. Live in a house that makes you feel happy and a car that never breaks down.

Once all of these factors are aligned, when the time is right, then you may give advice to others.

Meanwhile, keep a distance if someone asks for your opinion and remember to offer it only in a didactic way, and not always shouting using the imperative.


It seems that your body is sending you a message that something isn’t going as it should do, and that there is some anomaly in your well-being.

Listen to this sign, worry about your health without becoming a hypochondriac. Visit your GP when necessary or even for a second opinion if the symptoms don’t disappear.

It is easy to lie to yourself when it comes to health, which is also quite sad when you come to think of it.

Who hasn’t stopped taking an antibiotic to have a glass or two of alcohol for a specific event, but if also conscious of the effects it may cause?