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Do you know that Mercury is known as the planet of intelligence, of negotiation, Cancer? And as this Tuesday affects your sign in its love area, will help you improve marital relations.

Watch out, improve, nothing more, it will not do impossible miracles; if you have had a big argument in which you have even lost respect, it will be able to do little for you.

There it will be you alone, without astral help, who will have to fix the garden in which you have entered, although this will be a situation which will be faced only by a few.

If you are not, enjoy the day, and if you are single, this day will make you smile from the heart, and a person who is so far a friend may have more weight in your life, in your soul.


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Mercury will also influence Cancer's monetary sector, and under its protection, you should achieve financial benefits.

You should even overcome the fear of asking your boss for a better schedule, or an increase in salary. Quiet and with your arms folded you will simply stay as you are right now!

It will be more important than ever that you don't criticize your co-workers or professionals who might be considered rivals or competitors.

The reason is that there are spies around you, and they will pick up any joking (or malicious) comments you make and end up turning against you.

Only prudence and discretion augur well for a good professional climate today.


Make an examination of conscience, and be honest with yourself, because one thing is what you really want and another what suits you, especially concerning health.

The Magic Horoscope invites you to ask yourself about your eating habits, your sports habits, and what your spiritual realm is like and how you work in it.

If your practices give you peace and serenity, do not hesitate to keep them with you, to work on them so that they take root.

On the other hand, if they only cause you anguish, then abandon them without hesitation to the voice of now!