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It will be your turn to gather your credibility from the ground this Saturday, which you intended to be an oasis of peace and passion, though in your desert there is more of a sandstorm than anything else.

You will not fulfill some promises you had made to your partner, either because you cannot or simply because you do not want to.

This can cause a crack, so you can go to the head how you will take care of restoring the damage, because you will need a very stable pulse, almost worthy of a plastic surgeon, so that there is no scar on your heart or your partner's heart.


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The traditional ways of earning money do not attract your attention today, and you are thinking of saying yes to proposals to which you once gave a negative answer.

As long as it is within the law, Cancer, any circumstance is good for making money, okay?

Also, a change in the course can help you know better your potential, who you are and to what destination you want to steer your boat.

And it is that although we believe that in life we have a marked itinerary, it is easy to get out of it, either by our own decision or by mistakes we make.

But didn't Columbus discover America when he really wanted to go to the Indies? His miscalculation allowed him to reach new lands, and it is still time for you to become an explorer.


You would like to define yourself as a person who enjoys life, but right now there is something wrong with you to be happy.

Maybe you're going through depression? Admit that you've ever thought about it, even if you've done little to get out of doubt.

While you make an appointment with a doctor to analyze your case, try to eat more spinach.

Did you know that these broadleaf vegetables are perfect for fighting sadness because they're rich in folic acid? Not to mention the benefits it will have for your intestinal transit (and how cheap they are).