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The atmosphere between you and your partner is good, nearly reaching the best marks you can possibly get, as there are always some details that aren't quite exquisite.

The good side is that you have finally closed your past and can now take a step forward and move on. You have taken off all of that weight you had on your shoulders.

Venus will be your eyes, guiding you along the way to keep you motivated and happy, especially if you are single.

Your emotional life will take a drastic change, as you will know how to change a friendship into a sentimental relationship.

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The Universe will challenge your patience and your financial status, which may cause some issues along the way.

You will never happen to worry about your expenses ever again. Your inheritance will cover you for quite a while, so don't worry about your bills for a while.

This may even make you give up on your other interests. Never give up your job is you enjoy it, but maybe not is the time for you to find what you really want to be.

You will need to be full of energy as the atmosphere around you is pushing you towards a dark and negative area.

Try and ask for advice, especially from people younger than you as they have a different vision of life. This might be the answer to your problems.


Your reflexes aren't at their best so be aware, or you might end up with a severe injury or two, leaving you limping due to falling over.

Also, my dear Cancer, make sure you moderate your movements as it might affect your mental state. 

Keep an eye open at all times, especially when doing your day to day chores such as driving, lifting heavy things and even housework.

Spiritually talking, you have hope and wish to reach your goals in life such as being happy and living decently. You need to be the best side of yourself and optimistic as you are finally walking down the right path. One day you will reach the top.

You need to relax a bit more too as you are always up and about. Think more about yourself and what you want to do. Find who you really are.