Cancer Daily Horoscope |



Bad news! This Tuesday you will be a magnet that will attract interested people who only want to benefit from you in some way.

Either from your physique, if you are a very attractive person, or from your wealth, or from the power of influence you may have in some aspects of life.

The worst thing is that it will be difficult to detect wolves that camouflage themselves with the skin of a lamb, or whatever they want.

So make sure you don't get fooled, especially if you're starting a new love affair... Or if you have a slip there, you could get a frog.

The only thing missing is for tomorrow to extort you to achieve its end, under the threat of uncovering your secret love story to your husband or wife!


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The Magic Horoscope planets that currently influence your monetary sector should give you a great boost, helping you to be agile, with a good critical sense.

In particular they will make you a much more alert person, able to react to the first sign of risk of your money, you don't want risks, just stability!

As in love, you could be the victim of some fox that wants to put their glove to your chickens, so do not sign any agreement in a hurry.

And the more they insist that you hurry to close certain deals, the more you should distrust and put your accumulated savings to good use.


To improve your well-being, eliminate from your diet the pre-cooked dishes, those that are heated and ready, in the microwave or in the frying pan.

Do you really take so long to make yourself a homemade broth, or a little fish with vegetables? It's not healthier and cheaper at all!

However, if you run out of time, you can eat canned vegetables, as well as some types of fish such as sardines or tuna.

You should know that the nutritional value is preserved, are the same vegetables or fish, simply are not in the natural state.

Of course, this doesn't mean you can gorge yourself: ideally, you should only consume two or three cans a week.