Cancer Magic Horoscope 6
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Your forecast in love is going to be slightly complicated if you're a native crab. You've bet your heart on a relationship and you lost, and now it's time to accept defeat.

You were well aware that the other person would never commit to you, perhaps because they already have an official partner, or out of legal or religious affairs.

You thought that by being completely passionate in your encounters, you would awaken a pure, true love in their heart, but this Saturday you're in for a cold shock and you'll see that magic can indeed run out, and that you won't have the fairytale of your dreams, Cancer.

If you already are in a relationship, you'll be tempted to taste the fruits of forbidden trees, but remember that Adam and Eve paid more than expected by falling into temptation. You'll get expelled from paradise too if you're not faithful enough.


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Looks like today's planetary influences will encourage all sorts of thieves and street rats to act against your property.

To avoid anything from happening, take some needed precautions to protect your belongings, including your car, home or second residence. If you're cautious enough, there's nothing to fear.

It'll turn out to be much simpler to see other people's mistakes rather than your own. You'll recommend a friend to stretch their budget a little, because the way they live is slightly excessive.

However, you won't be able to see all the things you're doing wrong with your own savings. You're more than willing to give advice, but never take any for yourself.


You don't really have a clear vision of where you belong in the world. Try to adapt to circumstances instead of hindering the unfolding of events. Change is always for the better.

The planet of goddess Venus is located in your skies at a position where it protects your physical balance. But the other side to this star is that you become highly sensual, and under its influence, you're running the risk of enjoying excess.

Pay close attention to gluttony, because your digestive system is sure to become weaker if you eat more than you actually need.