Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 13

Your Horoscope for Saturday
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Jokes can become quite annoying, especially today when your partner is being a bit silly, playing jokes and small incidents which you won’t find at all amusing.

Therefore, be patient: they won’t understand that you do not laugh nor find these occurrences at all amusing, which may end up in anger or a heated event.

At least Magic Horoscope assures you that it will not be anything to worry about, and that the Sun will shine sooner than later in your sky. Also, as the day goes on, your mood will get better.

Those single, on the other hand, learn to love themselves more before thinking about others.


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With the year 2019 already advanced in its second quarter, the desire to prepare a nice holiday increases, making you more and more anxious to get on a plane and leave!

It is necessary for you to decide to do something that breaks your routine and allows you to breathe in some fresh air. See new landscapes or to see some friends you haven’t seen in a long time.

The advice that the stars give you today is that your budget is tight, not because you cannot afford it but because some unforeseen circumstances may be coming your way (and when I say maybe, I mean it will either sooner or later).

For example, a hotel that cancels your stay at last minute due to a logistics problem, leaving you to fend for yourself and end up paying for a more expensive room elsewhere, or even the obligation to take out health insurance, which you originally didn’t have in mind.

For the rest, it is not a Saturday that stands out in bold, neither good nor bad. Just right.


In terms of health, the stars recommend you to appreciate your body more. So look at it in the mirror more often when you get out of the shower.

On the one hand, you will learn to accept the years passing by leaving marks on your gentle skin. Your skin may be a little less firm than before, but the day after tomorrow it will get worse so see the prettiness in it today and don’t worry about what is ahead.

On the other hand, it will allow you to appreciate changes whether down to the colour, shape or size of your moles on certain parts of your body such as your chest and keep an eye out for strange shapes.