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The sky of your love is a beautiful blue, although some cumulus are possible, so you better carry the umbrella with you.

Do not suffer in advance, you really will not have to complain because everything is predictable, you will know how to detect the stones of the road not to stumble.

And if you feel current uncertainties, be clear that they will have the effect of making you appreciate more the happy days that are announced.

Isn't it sometimes necessary for us to see the clouds in order to appreciate more the warmth of the sun?

Having said that, be imaginative in your loves, so that what is stable right now does not give way to shortness of breath in record time.


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The astral climate related to Cancer money will not be bright, but neither will it be negative (it could always be worse, be glad then!).

You will have no reason to worry, although it is not superfluous to know that the Moon is currently influencing your economic sector, and therefore you can feel a restrictive effect.

And when you expect a growth, what you find is a stagnation, so you can already be prudent in managing your accounts.

Within the family, if so far you have acceded to all the whims of your loved ones, this time you should face serious resistance, even if it generates conflict.


It needs time for your leisure activities, the urgency does not suit you at all because then things can only go wrong.

Even if you like certain activities on your own, group activities are also for you and will help you to break down those more reserved facets of your personality.

Team sport allows you to collaborate and help, as well as trust in others, and these are skills that will enrich your loving and professional environment.

Also, you will feel the support of those who are on your side, and so your self-esteem will be strengthened while you get in shape.

To fight against fluid retention take infusions of horsetail, or if you prefer, there are pills with extract of this plant (ideal if you are not very friendly to tisanes).


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