Cancer Daily Horoscope for January 13

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You want to open new paths in your relationship, and that can be healthy and interesting, no one doubts that. What you need is to know which key will allow you to open them.

You're at a time when you firmly believe that you have to bring about change for the better; you can't think of a breakup or anything like that.

You will have to think very carefully about what you want, and above all, how you expose it to your partner so that they do not consider it an attack.

Inside your heart there is courage, even though it is normally numb; pour a bucket of water on it so that it wakes up and starts to work, and helps you choose the best words.

You'll see how your natural mischief, that charm that makes you unique, allows you to achieve your goals, and if you're single, whoever you keep an eye on, you'll also be able to tie the knot.


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Do you still lament the excesses you committed last Christmas? Then wipe your tears and start acting!

You already have one foot in the middle of the month, stop looking at that most recent past and think about your present, and what decisions you will have to make to clean up your accounts.

You run the risk of wanting to spend even more money (even the money you don't have) on the famous sales, but do you really need certain items?

Or do you just want to renovate the closet for the shopping pleasure? The stars bet accurately that this is what happens to you.


You don't have to torture yourself for not living the healthy life you would have imagined when you mentally drafted December 31.

What's more, it's weekend and you deserve to relax a bit, and if you have to eat some candy do it (with moderation, of course).

You can't spend every day with your corset squeezing your waist, but from tomorrow Monday try to do things better, okay?

At least, the experience has already taught you (finally!) that there are no miracle diets, and that the key is to look better at the composition of the food.